AAA Longtime Residents

We are a no-kill shelter which means that we do not euthanize for space and we provide loving care for our animals until they all have a home. Unfortunately, some animals are often overlooked and stay with us for a long while. Here we are featuring our long time resident dogs that we have committed to providing lifelong love and care for. These animals need special attention and with this lifelong care comes a financial obligation as well. We implement an enrichment and training program for all of our animals, but these programs are especially geared towards our long time rescues. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our long time resident dogs then please email us! Soon we will have bios for each of our dogs featured here and we will include information about their special diets, medications, and favorite enrichment games. Some of these dogs are available for adoption and will become a part of our ‘special adoption program’, a new program that we are currently developing!

Considering Adoption?

We strive to find the most suitable pet for each person and the most suitable home for each animal.