Foster Program

Here Is How It Works

When you foster you are changing the future of one lucky feline or canine, making space for one more to be rescued at our shelter, and possibly saving a life from a high-kill shelter too. The majority of our rescues come from high-kill shelters where they were found as strays or owner surrendered. This means that when you foster, you save two more lives. You provide a temporary place to crash, water exercise, and love. You receive food and supplies, veterinary care, endless love from your foster pet, a big high five for caring about animals, and any guidance you may need with your foster pet.

Then What?

We keep working to find your foster pet their forever home! We welcome you to accompany us to adoption events to spread the word about how amazing your foster pet is, since you are the one who knows them best!

Fosters & furever homes

Short Term Opportunities

Puppy & Kitty Krewe

This is for puppies and kittens that are too young to be altered and prepped for adoption. This will require regular checkups by our vet in order for them to receive vaccinations and to determine when they can be spayed/neutered.

Transport Foster

We partner with other rescues in the country and work together to save more lives and lower euthanasia rates. This foster opportunity is for dogs already approved to leave on a transport to another rescue.

Medical Foster

Experienced fosters only. These fosters will help us provide love and care for our animals undergoing any medical treatments that need a little extra TLC. This may include heartworm treatment or recovery from surgery.

Long Term Opportunities

Foster Until Adoption

As simple as it sounds. You provide a loving home for a foster pet until we find them their furever. Remember, we are willing to provide the food and veterinary care!

Canine & Cat Krewe

This opportunity focuses on longtime residents and sanctuary animals. These animals may have simply been overlooked while we have tried to get them adopted or they may have some behavioral needs that we are working on. This opportunity typically involves animals that do not get along with other animals so they would need to be the only pet in the household.

Become A Foster Today!

  • Foster Program
    Smiley came to me after living in a small back yard for months with little attention (after being picked up as a stray). He had a lot of energy and needed love, attention and exercise. He stayed with me for about a year and learned about love, routine, having a home, and exercise. His progress and transformation were amazing and now he is in his forever home rescuing people–that is what fostering is to me.
    Robin P.
  • Foster Program
    It is a joy to be a foster family to these precious souls, and so gratifying to see them in the arms of their Furever family. I would suggest fostering to anyone that can devote the time and energy that any animal requires, but most of all to those who feel like something might be missing from their life. To save a life is a powerful thing, and that is JUST what fostering does. In fact, two lives. The one in your home and the one that now has a spot open at the shelter. Fostering Saves Lives and I am proud to say that I am a foster parent!
    Shannon H.