Jeremy, who definitely doesn’t shop at Hobby Lobby & is absolutely not screenshotting coupons for frames as we speak…

Jeremy, 10. Has a sweet vinyl collection and drives a ’67 Camaro. Doesn’t laugh at jokes.

Will meet you for coffee unless it’s Starbucks. Once tried to launch his own indie film fest but it got too popular & was ultimately cancelled. Claims he’s never heard of Mariah Carey.

Jeremy Tuesday, Jerbear, Jerm Worm, Fatboy, Jerminator 3000. This lad has been patiently waiting to find a place where he belongs, where he can be himself and shed his hipster ways in favor of cuddles, Netflix, and a warm home complete with as much Hobby Lobby fall decor as possible to make up for the years spent rejecting “Live, Laugh, Love” wall art. It’s true, Jeremy actually¬†does want to live, laugh, and definitely love.

The seasons are changing, and so is Jeremy. Once a young pup with a thirst for adventure, Jeremy’s eight years in the shelter have transformed him into realizing that only one thing really matters: family.

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