What is a Foster Home?

A foster home is a temporary living situation for our shelter pets. Foster families provide shelter, care, and love while our pets await placement in a forever home or travel on a transport to an out-of-state shelter partner. The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their hearts and homes to foster pets. Foster homes allow us to create space in the shelter so we can rescue more pets in need.

Why Foster?

Louisiana has a serious pet over population problem. Every day puppies and kittens enter municipal shelters and may not make it out alive. Fostering provides a life-saving outcome for these pets. Foster homes offer an alternative to the shelter environment and provide the attention and comfort that only a home setting can provide — especially for young kittens and puppies, older animals, and frightened pets who are having a hard time in the shelter. Foster pets usually stay in their temporary home anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

Fostering has so many rewards: you are able to help a pet in need, enjoy the companionship of a pet without a lifetime commitment, try new companions for the resident pets in your home, and provide some extra TLC to kittens and puppies too young to be adopted.

Fostering Snapshots:

How It Works:

You Provide

A healthy and safe environment
Transportation to and from AAA or adoption events and vet appointments as needed
Socialization to help develop positive family and pet relationships
Exercise and mental stimulation

AAA Provides

All basic care supplies (food, leash/collar, ID tag and crate)
All veterinary care needed
Support, advice and training resources

Our Foster Programs!

Weekend Sleepovers

Our sleepover program allows you to take a dog home for 2-3 nights between Friday-Monday for a fun weekend getaway! This program is geared towards specific dogs who aren’t getting adoption interest or are stressed/not performing well at the shelter. The goal of a sleepover is to give a dog a much needed break from the shelter. Studies have shown that even a night or two in a foster home can help reduce stress levels, helping the dog relax and get adopted faster. Your observations and experiences with a shelter dog in a home provides valuable information for adopters and helps staff make better adoption matches!

Short Term Foster

Our short term foster program is flexible and easy, allowing you the opportunity to foster for any length of time you’re available. This program is open to both cats and dogs. You choose your commitment and work together with our staff to find the fastest route home for the pets in our care. Our average foster period is 2-3 weeks, with most cats and dogs getting adopted or transported within that time frame.



Family Foster

Our family foster program is for dogs and cats who’s length of stay we anticipate to be longer than our average 2-3 weeks. This includes animals who are going through a medical treatment or pets who just need a bit more tlc, whether they are shy or just need some work in the good manners department. We’ll assign you to a dog or cat who truly needs a temporary family to lift them up and prepare them for the life they were always meant to have.


What Our Fosters Have To Say!