AAA Reacts To The Flood

AAA Reacts to the Flood

     South Louisiana has endured some trying times these past couple of weeks. Many of our staff, friends, and families have been directly affected by the recent flood but we have pulled together to survive. Here at Acadiana Animal Aid, we were fortunate. We had some difficult days with the flooding of the barn and too close for comfort in the transport kennels, but our Board members, volunteers, and staff that were able to get to the shelter worked together to tend to those in our care. Within a few days, our entire staff were reunited and we hit the ground running. We contacted every shelter and rescue we work with in the area to see who needed help. We reached out to Best Friends Animal Society to assist in connecting us with new partners across the country in order to arrange as many emergency transports as possible. We know that our surrounding shelters are always in need, they are always functioning at capacity. But in this state of emergency, we knew there would be many pets lost from their homes and families, many pets that families couldn’t care for anymore either temporarily or permanently due to losing their homes or being displaced from their homes for an unknown amount of time. All of the shelters needed space to take in these animals in addition to their typical intakes.

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     Our partners in Florida and Colorado were ready to receive and within 48 hours we were connected with groups all the way from Oregon to Minnesota to Massachusetts and nationwide. Some groups were even willing to come to us! The AAA team never fails to amaze me. Our foster families were lined up out the door to make space in their homes for our rescues and our volunteers have assisted whenever we needed extra hands. Collaboration truly does lead to success. We have saved over 600 dogs and cats since August 12th and partnered with over 30 rescues across the country!

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     The sad reality is that our lifesaving efforts have only just begun and what we have been doing since the flood is what we do every day; we were just able to save more companion animals because the need to help them was realized and brought to light in a time of crisis. As mentioned above, our shelters are always functioning at capacity due to the severe pet overpopulation problem we have here in South Louisiana. While we have more partners available than we can afford to send to all over the country, we know that transporting animals should be a short term solution. We need our community to pull together and realize how many adoptable animals are being euthanized in Lafayette Parish and beyond on a daily basis. So, why do we transport to other areas? Because they have tackled the problem of pet overpopulation through education about best animal care, low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, and there are shelters that have a 90% Live Release Rate (e.g. they are ‘no-kill). What can you do? Spay/neuter your pet, keep your pets up to date on yearly vaccinations, give your pets monthly flea and heartworm preventative, make your pets part of your family, spread the word about the importance of spay/neuter and compassion for animals, and most importantly- adopt don’t shop for pets. There are 1000s of animals just waiting to be rescued of every breed, size, age, color, personality and anything else you are looking for.

     I hope that each of you are following our lifesaving efforts on Facebook and sharing our stories with your friends and families. We can’t continue doing what we do without your support and that of our community. While we have received support from Best Friends Animal Society, PetSmart Charities, Petco Foundation, and Banfield Foundation, we still have a lot of animals that need to be saved. Please encourage those you know to visit our website and donate to the ‘Flood Relief’ or join our monthly giving program and become a Guardian Angel. Be a part of the change and help us in saving the lives of companion animals until they all have a home.

Carley Faughn, PhD

Executive Director


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