Temporary Home, Lasting Love

The Lifesaving Power of Fostering

Fosters provide a temporary home for cats and dogs in need, offering a safe, nurturing environment as a healthy alternative to shelter housing. As a non-profit rescue, our facility has a limited capacity on the number of animals we can save at any given time, and foster homes allow us to increase that number tremendously, responsible for nearly 60% of our lifesaving each year! That’s over 1,000 animals that would not make it out alive without your help!

Our program focuses on the most sensitive population, from animals who are too young, sick, injured or simply in need of socialization, decompression or mental/physical stimulation. Foster families also provide crucial insight into a more accurate assessment of personality, overall behavior and expectations of an in-home lifestyle, helping to better set them up for adoption success.

Whether you can foster for a few days, a few weeks or right through until an adoption placement is found, the comfort and care you bring is insurmountable. We guarantee that your selfless act of compassion will be paid back tenfold, from the gratitude of a shelter pet whose trajectory is forever changed, to their future families that you help build, we thank you for being their hero.

What We Provide:

  • Basic care supplies: food, litter, litterbox, leash/collar, ID tag, crate, etc.
  • All veterinary care that is overseen by our in-house veterinary staff who specialize in shelter medicine.
  • Access to support, advice and training resources from our knowledgeable team of animal care experts.
  • Flexible scheduling: we will work with your availability to arrange all pick-ups, drop-offs, vet and adoption appointments.
  • Our team manages all adoption processing and placements.

What You Provide:

  • The day-to-day care of your foster pet, with a healthy, safe and secure environment in mind.
  • Reporting the evaluation of in-home experiences and behaviors.
  • Transportation to and from the shelter for scheduled adoption meet and greets, events and vet appointments.
  • Socialization to help develop positive family and pet relationships, exposure to new things, as well as daily mental and physical exercise.

Our Foster Programs:

Standard Foster

Our program is designed to be flexible and easy, allowing you to foster a cat or dog for any length of time you’re available. You choose your commitment and work with our staff to strategize the future success of pets in need. Animals are assigned based on what is compatible with your home environment and which pet is most in need of your support.

Weekend Sleepovers

Our sleepover program allows you to take a dog home for 2-3 nights. Studies have shown that even a night or two in a foster home can help reduce stress levels, improving their mental and emotional health. Your observations in a home will also provide valuable information to improve adoption matches!

Doggy Day Out

Take a dog out of the shelter for an afternoon field trip! You'll give them a break from the noise and routine to experience a few hours of adventure and fun. Go to the park, pet store, to your home, or to a dog friendly establishment and make their day so much brighter.

Maternity Fosters

Help care for mammas and their nursing litters who would otherwise be susceptible to unnecessary stress in a shelter, where underage, immune compromised babies may be at risk. You will make a positive impact by introducing them to a world full of security, love and care during the most crucial developmental stages of their lives.

Bottle Feeders

Raise motherless bottle babies that simply could not thrive or receive the care and nourishment they need without your support. You can help our most fragile population by offering a consistent schedule of nutrients, close observation and the selfless love of a surrogate.

What Our Fosters Have To Say: