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Acadiana Animal Aid (AAA) is the region’s leader in animal transport, adoption, and education. We provide a safe place to land for animals at risk of euthanasia before they take off to their forever homes. For 44 years, AAA has played a vital role in saving animals from impoverished, resource-deprived communities. We bring in pets from 5 primary municipal shelters, provide veterinary and daily care, and create pathways to their futures. AAA is known locally and nationally for our transport program, a lifesaving strategy created to reduce the 47% euthanasia rate of shelter pets in Louisiana. Our commitment to saving our region’s pets runs deep – in 2018, we saved nearly 2,700 cats and dogs through transport and local and out-of- state adoptions.

Founded in 1974 & Chartered As A 501(C)3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization

Acadiana Animal Aid is funded by donations, fundraisers, adoption and transport fees
and is governed by a Board of Directors.

Our Mission & Vision

Acadiana Animal Aid is dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted, stray and neglected companion animals with a focus on those most at risk of euthanasia at our local municipal shelter, and numerous other municipal shelters throughout the state. Overall, our biggest goal is to help achieve No Kill by the year 2020 here in Lafayette Parish.

We work daily to accomplish our vision in saving the lives of companion animals until they all have a home.

Guiding Principles

Acadiana Animal Aid is the largest local animal welfare organization in the area that is leading the way in inspiring a healthy community through compassion for animals.

We strive to not only rescue and find homes for these companion animals, but, also, to be an integral part of inspiring our community through education, volunteer, foster, transport and adoption programs. As a partner to the Pet Food Pantry, we strongly believe in serving as a resource for our community, which includes providing opportunities for them to be responsible, loving pet owners that have access to affordable care and nutrition.

2018 By the Numbers

0 Shelter Pets Saved
0 Pets Transported to Out-Of-State Partners
0 Adoptions
0 Out of State Transports
0 Foster Families
0 Volunteers

Board Members

Kyle Kellner


Sandy Giles

Vice President

Christie Dunn


Emily Hamner


Gilbert DeCourt

Bob Giles

Jimmy Guidry

Liz Webb Hebert

Becky Kirk

Carl Rachal

Meet The Team!

Jeanine Foucher

Executive Director

Jamie Clark

Shelter Operations/Transport Director

Dr. Katie Crabbe


Paige Picard

Volunteer/Foster Coordinator

Lucie Pyle

Vet Tech

Pierce Clark

Vet Tech

Elizabeth St. Cyr

Canine Care Coordinator

Brooke Yant

Cat Care Coordinator

Tori Teer

Transport & Foster Coordinator

Laura Kendrick

Dog Adoption Coordinator

Heidi Paterson

Development Manager

Ellen Polansky

Administrative Assistant

Chyrl Clothier

Facilities Manager

Kim Gates

Facilities Assistant

Savannah Arnaud


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Acadiana Animal Aid rescued over 2,700 in 2017, with a 99% save rate. Companion animals remain available for adoption/transport as long as necessary and are never euthanized for space.

The save rate, calculated in accordance with the nationally recognized Shelter Animals Count Database Project, reflects the many options for pets that come to the shelter besides adoption, such as animal transfers and animals who are returned to their owner. Acadiana Animal Aid conducts daily and monthly physical inventories and spot audits, to ensure our data is accurate.

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