Transport Program

Why Transport?

Louisiana has a serious pet overpopulation problem. Each year, approximately 40% of shelter pets are euthanized in municipal shelters throughout the state. Transport programs provide a different outcome for these pets – they save lives.

Acadiana Animal Aid is a leader in transporting animals to communities where adopters are plentiful and shelter pets are in high demand. At least twice per month, our dedicated staff and volunteers transport our pets to out-of-state no-kill shelter partners. Through this program, our pets find homes in CO, WA, OR, northern CA, FL, MI and New England.

Our nationally recognized program saves approximately 2,000 shelter pets annually.

Importance of Spaying & Neutering

For many communities in Louisiana, lack of access to low-cost spay and neuter services contributes to the pet overpopulation problem. Be part of the solution and spay and neuter your pets.

2020 By The Numbers:

0 Shelter Pets Transported
0 Out of State Transports
0 Out of State Shelter Partners
$0 Average Cost for Shelter Pet Transport
$0 Average In-House Spay/Neuter Cost
$0 Average In-House Heartworm Treatment Cost

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