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AAA Adoption Policy

    1. All potential adopters are asked to complete an adoption application and provide a valid form of identification with a current address.
    2. Adopters must be 18 years or older.
    3. We adopt companion animals to be placed into a home setting. All animals must be provided with regular, adequate and wholesome food, clean water and shelter. Local ordinances define “proper” outdoor shelter that is required, as a minimum, by law should your pet spend time outside during the day. Adopters agree to treat this pet as a member of their household and agree to keep their new pet within the safe confines of their home, securely fenced-in yard, or on a leash when being walked.
    4. We ask that all cats remain indoors for their safety unless otherwise discussed. Cats that are currently declawed will be adopted with the intention of keeping them inside at all times for their safety. We also ask that you follow our recommendations for properly acclimating cats to their new home.
    5. Adopters will adhere to all City and/or Parish codes regarding animal ownership.
    6. All animals adopted from AAA will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on current vaccinations appropriate to their age. At the time of adoption, pet owners are responsible of ensuring the animal will receive the necessary vet care that is required of them thereafter. You will take your adopted pet to a licensed veterinarian for regular preventative care. You will provide all required and/or necessary veterinary care as recommended by the attending veterinarian including but not limited to rabies and booster shots, fecal checks for internal parasites (worms), consistent heartworm preventative and prompt treatment by a licensed veterinarian for any illness or injury. As an owner, you must be aware of State Law as well as your local ordinances that require the proper documentation and licensing for your pet.
    7. Adopters will not physically alter their adopted animal through elective surgery such as declawing or tendonectomy for cats, tail docking, ear cropping or debarking for dogs.
    8. All members of the adopting household are to be in agreement with regards to the adoption of a particular animal.
    9. No adoptions will be made to an applicant who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the time of application.
    10. No adoptions will be made to any individual with a history of animal neglect, abandonment, or abuse.
    11. Adopters understand that changes in their adopted pet’s health and behavior cannot be predicted, and that Acadiana Animal Aid cannot make any explicit or implied guarantees regarding the future health or behavior of my adopted pet.
    12. If at any time, for any reason, an adopter cannot keep their adopted animal, they understand that they can return the pet to Acadiana Animal Aid. They will not relinquish the adopted animal to any organization other than Acadiana Animal Aid.