Bree entered our shelter 6 years ago with a broken hip and a broken spirit. After surgery to repair her hip Bree began a long journey with us to repair her soul. Bree struggled to trust new people initially but all attempts were made to ensure we helped her get to where she needed to be. Through the constant patience and love from our staff and volunteers Bree learned kindness from humans and how to trust again. Bree remained resilient during her time in the shelter.

Our area’s high overpopulation problem sees many large breed dogs continually get overlooked for adoption and unfortunately Bree was no exception to that. Thanks to Wings of Rescue and PAWS – Progressive Animal Welfare Association in Washington our Bree was given a wonderful opportunity at a fresh start in an area that has more success at finding homes for large breed dogs. On May 25th, Bree headed to Washington to start a new chapter in her life. It was a bittersweet goodbye for everyone who cared for Bree over the years but this was something we had all hoped and dreamed of for her.

Bree was officially adopted after 1 week in Washington and we can think of no dog more deserving! Bree, now Brienne House of Bark, was welcomed home by wonderful parents and a new furry sibling. After 6 years of sleeping in a shelter our girl is now sleeping comfortably in a home surrounded by love which is all we ever wanted for her.